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What Will this Cost? How to Determine Video Production Costs

Team Sheffield Creative has been putting our heads together to help answer our most frequently asked question, “What will this cost?” There is no shortage of individuals and companies wanting, or even needing, high-quality and engaging video content. You all have a story to tell, and telling your story well is very important to us.

There are many factors involved with putting together a bid for a video shoot. We will break it down into the two areas: production and post-production.


Production means creating video content, usually by actually going out and shooting video on a camera. This is the most costly route when creating a video. It takes time to shoot and time costs money (see our next blog post on how to make the most of your production budget). There are a lot of things to consider when shooting for content, and some of it is much more costly than others. Here are some basic production factors we look at when creating a bid:

  • Camera- the number and types of cameras used will greatly impact the bid
    Lighting and Sound- sometimes equipment needs to be rented depending on the project
  • Crew- directors, producers, camera operators, lighting and sound operators, production assistants, etc.
  • Talent- on-camera narrator, actors in a scene, even something as simple as a hand can come with a cost
  • Craft services- a fancy way to say, “Food!” Sometimes shoots last for 10 hours or more and there is no time to leave the set
  • Studio- if a video requires a green screen or would be better suited for a studio space, renting out a specially designed area ensures the best quality video for your needs
  • Special permits- occasionally a permit may be needed depending on where the shoot takes place

Post Production

Post production includes everything it takes to put the pieces of a video together: editing, coloring, sound, graphics, animations, etc. If you happen to already have still images (pictures) or video needing to be edited together with graphics and music this will save you production costs. If this is the case you will only need post production. Sometimes a project is bid per hour and other times the bid reflects a total cost for post production. These are the factors that typically influence a bid for post production:

  • Editing- putting together the pieces of video, sound, graphics, etc. to tell an engaging story takes specialized skill and talent. One typically gets what you pay for in this case. Be sure to check out past work to ensure you like the style and stories told by whomever you hire.
  • Coloring- changing the look and feel of a video by fine tuning hues, saturation levels, and color palettes
  • Sound- the cost of music varies greatly and depending on where you are showing your video, you could incur expensive license costs
  • Voice Overs- finding just the right type of voice for your video is important and there are many, many choices out there
  • Jingles- often a jingle is needed for a radio or television commercial
  • Graphics- on screen words and logos have a big impact on how a video is received by the viewer so quality graphic design and animations are important

Luckily, the team members at Sheffield Creative are experts in the field of video production and have helped countless clients tell their story within their budget. We also hire the best of the best in each category and have worked with many of our vendors for over a decade.

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